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Edison Future EF1 T Multi-Purpose Pickup Truck Concept


Edison Future EF1-T is a robust and modern multi-purpose pickup concept. It’s designed to work in all types of conditions, from the city streets to off-road. A robust and modern multi-purpose Pickup Truck for work, travel, family or personal use in varying road and environment conditions, from the city streets to off-road.

source/image(PrtSc): EdisonFuture

Replacing standard wing mirrors with cameras allows for a sleek, more discrete profile.For more solar capture, an integrated solar panel can be pulled out over the read bed. It can also be locked into place to protect the bed’s contents.It has a kind of armadillo shell. It’s a retractable roof that has integrated solar panels.

These solar panels provide an extra autonomy, between 15km and 20km per day, when it’s sunny.It’s a really big pickup, it’s over 6 meters long. In its most basic version it’s equipped with a 440hp engine. The Premium version will have 690hp and the EF1-TS is estimated to have 816hp.


The van comes in cargo capacities ranging from 260 to 400 cubic feet, but EdisonFuture doesn’t explain whether the difference is due to wheelbase or something else.In January 2021, the company started cooperation with the Icona Design styling office, which was commissioned to develop the appearance of the first planned EdisonFuture vehicles./EdisonFuture

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