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Effects Of Good Shock Vs Worn Shock Absorbers On Road Safety


We take a look at this video in which a nice demonstration is used to exemplify the difference between a good and bad shock! Maintaining a car and keeping it in good condition is crucial to extend its lifetime. This usually requires regular checks to the mechanics to change your oil, brake pads and so on. Despite these faults being dangerous for your car, they can surely endanger your life.

source/image(PrtSc): TheOriginalGabriel

To put in perspective the difference between a good and bad part, we take a look at this video that explains the difference between shocks.Even though many not find this to be a serious problem, a bad shock might cause even much worse damage to your car, so make sure you keep the shocks in nice and neat condition. To begin with we check out how they look when they are taken out from the car.

Furthermore, couple of different test runs are made and the difference is absolutely stunning. There is a big bump on the road and when the two different cars go over it, the one with the bad shock wiggles much more than the one with the good shock, which barely moves at all.The same test is shown from several different angles to make sure you properly see the difference.


They even test them on a machine that has two rotating wheels with bumps that are placed under them. As the speed increases, we can clearly see how the old and bad shock looks when compared to the new one by Ultra ReadyMount. What a difference this is!At last, check out the most noticeable symptoms of worn shocks!/TheOriginalGabriel

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