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Electric Solar Powered Floating Hotel Suite


Anthenea is an adventurous alcove where travelers can live authentic and surprising experiences through island and terrestrial possibilities.She offers a vision of the beauty of the world’s underwater in the heart of a calm and intact bubble.

source/image: Anthénea

This eco-friendly vessel features solar panels, two electric propulsion pods, a silent electric motor, and is made with sustainable materials.

source/image: Anthénea

Meant to be a floating hotel suite, amenities include a day space with a sofa and minibar, a roof solarium that seats up to 12 people, a 360-degree panoramic vision viewing area, and a night space with a circular bed and a bathtub.


The 50 square meters capsule includes three living spaces with features like underwater window, sea or freshwater bathtub, and even a 360° solarium on the roof for 12 people. All interior features are entirely made from sustainable materials.

The lounge area features a curved sofa, eco-friendly designed furnishings.Equipped with silent motors in the proprietary version, the floating suite is solar powered and can stay afloat indefinitely with the help of five south-facing soar panels and two electric propulsion pods.

VIA Anthénea
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