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Electric Trailer Mover XXL Lets You Move Trailers By Hand


When off-loading trailers, it can be difficult moving them from spot to spot without a truck.This cool Electric Trailer by Verhagen Leiden allows you to move trailers by hand.It can move trailers that weigh up to 20 tons and can be used as a substitute for terminal tractors.

source/image: Verhagen Leiden

The Trailer Mover can be operated without a license and is equipped with a 4kW AC electric motor inside.The 36volt, 245ah maintenance-free battery pack allows the Trailer Mover to operate for a long period of time.

The standard Continental solid tires ensure the highest possible traction in the most extreme conditions. This trailer dolly gives you the flexibility to move trailers when terminal tractors are not available.


The Trailer Mover XXL comes with a variety of safety features such as own brakes, an anti-tilt device and an optional air compressor that allows you to control the braking system yourself.

VIA Verhagen Leiden
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