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DIY Homemade Wood Burning Rocket Stove


Rocket Stoves are a great choice for people looking for an off-grid option for cooking, boiling water, and producing heat. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to build a simple rocket stove which is great for camping or use on a homestead.via//Sean Beardon

source/image: Sean Beardon

It is great for cooking many things, the heat and fire will bring a pan to the boil in no time, once up and running.It is simple to build, very low cost, requires nearly no maintenance, and performs admirably in the field.

Rocket stoves are simple but highly efficient and hot-burning stoves utilizing an insulated vertical chimney and a design ensuring high airflow around the fuel to allow for near-complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the end of the stove.


Not only are rocket stoves simple in mechanics, but they are also extremely feasible for a traveler’s life, with their usually small size and easy portability. And yes, they are cheap on the pocket too. A rocket stove is a type of combustion stove that is highly efficient and can burn most any organic material as well as many man made ones.