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Electrom Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) E-Bike

The Electrom has the legal designation of a bicycle, and as a result is able to use bike lanes, lane split, and park on sidewalks. The Electrom can carry 100+ litres of cargo or a passenger. The Electrom uses a unique Generator Drive pedaling system .The Generator Drive acts like an automatic transmission for a bike.

source/image: Tig Cross Fabrications

At speeds under ten kilometers-per-hour the rider’s efforts go to the back wheel via chain drive and help the Electrom get up to speed.This is also helpful when they encounter a steep hill because the rider’s pedaling helps the electric motor get the vehicle up the hill.

At speeds over ten kilometers-per-hour, rider’s can pedal at a constant speed and their efforts are converted to electricity to supplement the battery. If the operator wants a hard workout they need only pedal a little faster and the resistance increases. If they wish to take it easy, they can pedal slower and the resistance decreases.


The system is automatic and no levers or buttons are required to switch between modes.In its stock configuration it uses an electric hub motor that easily produces enough power to travel as fast as 60 kph / 40 mph. Using one 72 volt, 20 amp-hour battery and traveling at 32 KPH / 20 mph it has a range of 100 + kilometers / 62 miles. The frame has room for three such batteries yielding a potential range of 300+ Kilometers / 186 miles.