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Enduro’s SuperTourer Ultralight Expedition Cabin Built For Extreme Off-Road


This pop-top truck camper is built from ultra-light composite materials that reduces the weight and makes it compatible with off-road travel.The Enduro SuperTourer camper uses ultralight composite construction to allow the base truck’s true rugged, off-road-savvy nature to shine through.

source/image: endurocampers

The Innovative interior floor plan including substantial storage and counter space built from lightweight composite materials.The camper is equipped with a 130-liter Isotherm fridge, a 98-liter water tank, induction cooktop, sink, flexible Lagun table and sofa bench for socializing.

source/image: endurocampers

A 80 x 68 sleeping alcove platform, air and water heaters, an outdoor shower, integrated awning and sun shade, back-up camera, Dry-flush or composting toilet, power options including 230-watt solar charging and 600 Ah lithium ion battery and 2000W inverter and 120V plugs.


All Enduro campers come with interiors pre-finished in brilliant white gelcoat. Insulated structural panels keep the camper warm at night and cool during the day. Great for dogs, food, surfboards, and gear.

source/image: endurocampers

Side entry door creates a spacious, open floor plan in a compact footprint – the opposite of cramped “hallway camping”. Full access to the galley and storage while the bed is deployed so you can make coffee while your partner sleeps late.The enduro supertourer is an ultralight expedition cabin built for extreme off-road use.

Available for the following 6.5′ bed trucks:

  • 2022+ Toyota Tundra
  • 2015+ Ford F150, F250/350
  • 2019+ RAM 2500/3500