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Engineering An Electric Jet Engine From Scratch


An electric jet engine follows the same principle as the turbojet engine, except instead of spinning the second turbine to add power to the compressor, it uses electric power. An electric jet engine was built from scratch by replacing the turbine with an electric motor to rotate the compressor, simplifying the design and achieving a self-sustaining mechanical wonder.

source.image: Integza

In a normal jet engine, there’s a compressor at the front of the engine. That’s where the air comes in.And then there’s a turbine near the rear of the engine.Instead of using a turbine, Integza uses an electric motor.YouTuber Integza actually built an amazing variation of a jet engine in his garage and strapped it to a skateboard.

Watch the video to see why he put it on backward.Using a couple of old butane canisters, some metalwork skills and 3-D printing, he made a homebrew jet engine that actually works.In the video, the construction is based on empty butane canisters.


This enables him to get the rough metal shapes without any real fabrication; he just needs to drain and cut them up. After removing all of the paint and adding a few strategic cuts, they’re ready to braze together. Brazing is a simple method of connecting metal, similar to soldering.He then bolted it to a blue and orange plastic skateboard and despite its weight, the engine was able to accelerate impressively.