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ENVO UPT 4-Wheeled Mini Multipurpose Modular EV


UPT introduces versatile 4-wheeled mobility platform, providing niche futuristic micro mobility options as clean alternatives to UTV/ATVs, Cars, and Trucks for specific industries and consumers. ENVO UPT is a fusion of advanced features and top-tier ergonomics. Its adjustable handlebar, grip, and steering promise tailored comfort.

source.image: ENVO

The innovative modular design adapts to diverse needs, while integrated lights ensure safety. Benefit from the dual-use footstep for optimal ergonomy and a versatile bumper suitable for varied applications. A game-changer in design and functionality. This powerful, long-range, all-wheel-drive utility platform looks similar to the chassis of a golf cart, but in place of the body/seats.

It offers a wide range of possible configurations and builds, and it’s designed to handle anything from garden/home improvement jobs to pushing a mower or snow plow to a backcountry rescue vehicle and much more. It can even convert to a fully covered micro e-car. The UPT has 4 powerful in-wheel electric motors with a max output of 12,000 W.


It’s all-wheel drive, and its double wishbone suspension promises to tame road bumps and be able to handle some off-road conditions with ease. The UPT has a top speed of 50 km/h, a range of 100-200 km, a max payload of 250 kg and a towing capacity of 350 kg. Whether you’re grooming your garden, navigating the golf course, or nipping through urban streets, this versatile 4-wheeler micro-electric marvel is ready to adapt. With its customizable features, it’s not just a vehicle—it’s a trusted partner for work, play, and even in times of rescue.