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DIY Bus Home Conversion Small Home on Wheels


Their only regret is not doing this sooner! Meet Bedu, the bus named after the Arabic word for desert nomad. As someone who is half-Egyptian, Moshera finds incorporating this name incredibly special. Alan and Moshera welcome viewers to Bedu the Bus for a full tour! Welcome to their kitchen! It’s super functional, used multiple times a day for cooking. The layout is efficient, with everything organized around the stove. They have a convenient sink with a swivel faucet, a three-burner stove and oven combo, and a full-sized apartment fridge that stores up to two weeks’ worth of food.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The ample counter space is perfect for prepping, and their pantry and drawer storage keep everything tidy, including their cat food and supplies for their two pets. Their living room features a pull-out couch with plenty of storage underneath. It doubles as a guest bed. They also display postcards and photos from their travels. On the other side, they have a dining area and workspace. They rebuilt this section, adding storage for their hiking gear and outdoor equipment. Their tiny wood stove, tiled beautifully, heats the front of the bus, supplemented by a diesel heater in the back for extra warmth.

Their split bathroom setup includes a composting toilet and an Ikea cabinet and sink combo. The toilet plumbing keeps things simple, and the closet space here is perfect for bulkier clothing items and houses their electrical breaker box. Above, they have an AC unit powered by solar and a backup generator. The shower area is functional with cedar planking to reduce mildew and a tub-style base. They mainly use it when hooked up to water and drainage facilities due to their smaller gray water tank.


When they first hit the road, both had remote jobs. Alan’s background is in human resources and corporate operations. Bus life has changed their perspective, pushing them towards financial independence and early retirement. Alan now runs an e-commerce shop called Drift Ways, selling Arab-themed merchandise, while Moshera works remotely in customer service for a software company. Their bedroom features a queen-sized bed with storage underneath for their battery bank, electrical system, and water tanks. They’ve added plenty of space for clothing and some cat-friendly features like stairs for their 20-year-old cat. It’s their favorite spot, equipped with a TV and video game console for relaxation.