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Magnat Debon Model MOSC 1930 250cc One Cylinder


Magnat-Debon, founded by Joseph Magnat and Louis Debon, was at first based in Lyon, France and later in Grenoble, capital of the French Alps. They made bicycles in an ultra-modern, self-contained factory from 1893 and motorcycles from 1902, both in the same black and green color-scheme, powered by both two- and four-stroke engines.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

The factory became part, in 1923, of the large Terrot cycle and motorcycle empire based in Dijon. By 1929, Magnat-Debon was a ‘sous-marque’ of Terrot whereby Terrot bikes would be the latest models, Magnat Debon being identical but a season later and lower priced.

Often self-defeating, since the financially cautious French public often bought greater numbers of the lowest-priced. Terrot/Magnat Debon finally closed its doors in 1962.


The strength of Magnat-Debon was their between-wars, touring range, the side-valves, such as this one, being light, frugal and immensely reliable. This lovely MOSC bears a lot of wonderful patina and is equipped with lighting set and a pillion seat.