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ETF Mining Equipment Builds The World’s Largest Truck – The ETF MT-240

This truck has 10 pairs of wheels, which are designed to have a specific angle in order the truck to be able to turn 360˚ circle! Moreover, the power of the engine is distributed to all wheels and they also have really long suspension travel of 950mm!

source/image: ETF Mining

The ETF MT-240 truck has an innovative solution for maintenance and repair which ensures 95% of technical availability and provide the lowest cost per ton, 12% increased productivity, lower fuel coast and many more enormous environmental benefits.

Every component of the truck is different from other trucks like the gearboxes, front and rear axles, suspensions, rims, tires , brakes and frames. The ETF MT-240 is supported by multiple axles and a reinforced frame to haul 240-400 metric tonnes of material in just one load by just one driver.


The ETF company has specially developed an innovative solution for the frame of the truck that is Monorail frame.And another interesting feature of this truck is that it can be combined into trains, thus which helps in increasing payloads.

All ETF trucks have All-Wheel-Steering therefore achieving a very short turning radius. All ETF trucks and Haul Trains only need a total road width of 24.16 meters. Compared to existing Large Haul trucks the roads need to be from 3.68 to 7.22 meters wider (depending on truck type)!