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Excelsior 4¼hp c.1922 550cc 1 Cyl Av Blackburne – Start Up

Excelsior, based in Coventry, was a British bicycle, motorcycle and car maker. They were Britain’s first motorcycle manufacturer, starting production of their own ‘motor-bicycle’ in 1896.

source/image: classic-motorcycle.com

Initially they had premises at Lower Ford Street, Coventry, and 287-295 Stoney Stanton Road, Hillfields, Coventry, Warwickshire before moving to Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham in 1921.read more: classic-motorcycle.com

This sturdy bike is equipped with a 548cc Blackburne engine, heavy duty four bolt Sturmey Archer three speed gearbox, senspray carburetor and a massive flywheel to make sure that the engine runs very smooth. Special feature on this bike is the three bolt detachable cylinder head.


This fine running chain-cum-belt Excelsior has been restored to highest possible standard the paint is perfect and the stripping is painted as well how it should be. The white paint gives the motorcycle a noble appearance.


  • Manufacturer: Excelsior
  • Model: 4 ¼hp
  • Year: c. 1922
  • Displacement: 548 ccm
  • Cylinder: 1 Blackburne
  • Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
  • Bore / Stroke: 85 x 97 mm
  • Power: 14hp @ 3600 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 1:4.8
  • Frame number: 450
  • Engine number: FD128