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Expert Guide To Laying Patio Slabs – How To Lay A Patio


The Experts at Homebase show you how to lay a patio in this step by step guide on laying patio slabs.The job of laying a patio can be carried out in just a couple of days.

source/image(PrtSc): Homebaseuk

All you need is the right tools and some basic DIY skills and you’ll be enjoying your new home patio in no time at all! Watch the video from Homebaseuk for more info:

This patio laying video will take you through everything you need to know including some finishing tips to create a stunning garden patio that you and your family can continue to enjoy for many years. Before you can start laying slabs, you need to dampen them so they don’t dry out your concrete too quickly.


Then, lower your first paving slab into position. Lay it into the concrete mix and gently tap it with a rubber mallet so it’s fixed in place. A Patio can make a stylish focal point for your garden, especially if you incorporate circle paving slabs into your patio design. It’s also an ideal space for all the family to enjoy outdoor dining and sizzling Summer BBQs.