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THK’s Seismic Isolation System Introduction – Earthquake Proof Buildings

THK’s seismic isolation systems incorporate our core products, including LM Guides. These systems have been developed as applications of our products and reflect THK reliability, experience, creativity, and technological expertise.

source/image(PrtSc): THKofficial

The linear re-circulating guide CLB is a seismic isolation system that accommodatesa heavy sustained load with extremely low frictional force, since the balls in the LM guide rotate on raceways cut into the LM rail while circulating through the block. Since the LM block is equipped with an LM rail and balls, the bearings can also accept a pulling load.

Viscous damping system RDTThis system absorbs earthquake force transmitted to the building with the resistance offered by a viscous substance. The viscous damping system RDT has a structure in which linear motion is converted via a ball screw nut into rotary motion. A shearing force is applied to the viscous substance between the inner tube, which connects to the nut, and a fixed outer tube.


Recovery system.When an earthquake occurs, houses with isolated bases can freely move away from their foundations in any horizontal direction. Therefore, they need to return to their original positions when the earthquake ends. For that purpose they are equipped with this recovery system, which incorporates laminated rubber and other materials./thk