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Explorer Stumbled Upon Unknown Creature With Giant Jagged Teeth In The Teteriv River,Ukraine


Recently a man in Ukraine filmed what appeared to be a mutant reptilian creautre lurking in the Teteriv River.Diver footage shows the moment a bold explorer stumbled upon a never-before-seen creature, with giant jagged teeth laying on a remote riverbank in northern Ukraine.

image/text credit: NowYouKnow

It begins showing the bloke breathing heavily while muttering as he approaches the dark shape of a reptile-like creature lying semi-submerged in water.He continues to approach the nightmarish beast slowly, clutching a long metal pole for protection.Finally he comes to within a few metres of the animal and stops, before waving the rod in front of its face./dailystar

Some suspect it to be a mutant created from the exposed radiation of Chernobyl.But there’s also speculation that many ancient creatures could be simply hiding in the shadows.


Some of the places that definitely houses thousands of unknown species are the deepest parts of our oceans. The depths are dark and mysterious so we can expect anything from grotesque sea monsters to colossal krakens.But sometimes these creatures come to the surface and it’s often terrifying.

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