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KODA Is a Tiny Solar-Powered Movable Concrete House That Moves With Its Owners


KODA is a movable concrete house. Deliver one day, move in the next!Elegant sail-patterned micro house is perfect for a city-centre home, an office, studio, garden guest house, cafe, pop-up shop or a nature retreat. For a personal Airbnb venture or an ambitious urban infill.

source/image: KODA by Kodasema

The electricity and sewerage, etc systems are built into the house, they just need connecting on site. So are the heating and ventilation system (as well all the interior finishing and technology).

source/image: KODA by Kodasema

The house has a living room, a mezzanine sleeping area for two, ready bathroom (toilet, sink and a shower stall) and a 3,5 m² concrete terrace in front of the 4-layered glass facade.


It may include a kitchen or a kitchenette. The hotel model fits 2+2 visitors, the office 3-7 working bees and the classroom (yes) up to 16 pupils.

The house is winter-proof. Depending on the intended use and the location of KODA you can choose between different insulation solutions – polyurethane (PUR) and/or silica-fume vacuum insulation (VIP) panels. The U-value for VIP panels is 0.1 W/ m2K (!). The U-value for PUR insulation is 0,24 W/ m2K, The U-value of KODA’s four-ply glass facade is 0.33 W/ m2K.

VIAKODA by Kodasema
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