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Extremely Tiny 100 ft² Off Grid Micro Cabin – Full Tour!

This off-grid micro pod is the tiniest space we’ve ever stayed in. It’s surprisingly functional, and it has a gravity-fed water system, solar power, a propane fridge and cooktop, and a separate bathroom with a wood-fired hot water tank.via: Exploring Alternatives

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

We spent 3 nights in this micro cabin which is just an hour South of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s in a beautiful setting of pine trees (the kind of pine trees that pine nuts come from!), and it’s just a short walk down a trail to some stunning cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean.read more: Exploring Alternatives

We loved learning about the way they use solar power to pump well water into a cistern, and how that cistern provides gravity-fed water pressure to all of the pods and trailers on the property. And we also fell in love with their off-grid wood-fired hot water heater.


Marta and David were excellent hosts and they provided us with fresh breakfasts each morning with food from local farms and bakeries. They also have a good-sized garden for fruits and veggies in the summer months.If you’re ever touring around Portugal and are looking for a simple & quiet place to stay, this is a place to keep in mind!/Exploring Alternatives