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Family’s Modern Shipping Container Home in Downtown Toronto

The Black Star is Toronto’s first shipping container home, designed and built by Carl and Ana. It’s a hybrid structure with three used shipping containers forming one half of the house, and the other half is a conventional build, but it’s floating above the restaurant that the couple own, using pillars to support it.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

This build turned out beautifully and we loved checking out the interior and exterior design. We also chatted quite a bit with Carl and Ana about the process of building this home, and the advantages and challenges of building a house using containers.Watch the video from Exploring Alternatives for more info:

They say the biggest challenges were insulating the containers, connecting them to another structure, and finding a way to drop them between two buildings and from a narrow alley way.


While building with shipping containers is not necessarily cheaper than conventional building, it does have advantages because the containers are modular, movable and mobile, durable, and have a unique, modern look.//To see more photos of the build, check out Carl’s website.