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Family’s of 7 DIY Renovated RV For Full Time Tiny Living


Renee and Shaun desired more connection with their kids and more adventure in their lives! A life-changing decision led them to a full-time RV lifestyle. This family of seven lives in and renovates campers and thoroughly loves the process! Their current home of over three years is a Jaco Camper that was almost demolished and vandalized with spray paint before the self-renovation.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

After hard work and creative hacks, it’s a stunning home with a full bath, a primary bedroom, and an adorable double bunk room. The kitchen holds a residential-sized stove/oven, a microwave, and a fridge just large enough to have fresh foods.

Renee chose a massive island for multi-purpose reasons, great dining for the whole family and a space for the kids to do schoolwork. The exterior has several storage areas, mainly for outdoor gear and heavy tools.


This family loves to be outside, so the front area is a wonderful extension of their living space! They welded a custom bike rack on the back to hold all seven bikes. Renee and Shaun had a dream for their family and are continuing to make it happen!

SOURCE Tiny Home Tours
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