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Family’s Renovated 43 Ft. 5th Wheel RV For Six People


Meet Lorna & Nick as they showcase their remodeled, 43 foot long, 36 FRP Fifth Wheel. This family of six decided to trade in their 40,000 square foot home & belongings in hopes of creating quality family time while traveling.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Since being on the road, Lorna & Nick have discovered that life isn’t about how big your house is or how many clothes you have, but about the memories you make & the person that you are.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

Their fifth wheel features a massive kitchen & living room, coffee bar, kids’ bunk room, full sized bathroom, & master bedroom.


With the use of clever space saving hacks, this family has found a way to make a small space work for them, without sacrificing the things that are important. Now rich in a new way, they spend their days filled with love & laughter in their beautiful home on wheels.

SOURCETiny Home Tours
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