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Fast Nitro Powered RC Motorbike Races Cotswold MCC


Electric RC motorbikes are great BUT this nitro powered bike, with its OS 20 aero engine, was off the chart cool. Sounded like the real deal.Great to capture it in action at the awesome fast and flowing Cotswold Model Car Club track.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

Thanks to Cotswold MCC for granting me access to the track for filming and to the Moto5 crew for demonstrating their bikes ! There is no information about the RC bike engine specifications, but we suppose that the engine powering the 1:5 honda motorbike is a 15cc two stroke nitro engine.via: Essential RC

The motorcycle features detailed paint job, working front and rear suspension, rear vented disk brake, chain drive and ruber tires.These bikes are not easy to control. The centrifugal force from the wheels keeps them upright.


The stabilisers are mainly used to allow the driver to get them back up again should they come off the track. A unique driving style is needed to get these bikes around the track and some of the close racing in this video takes experience, skill and quick reactions./ Essential RC

VIAEssential RC