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FAT TRUCK 4×4 Industrial Off Road Utility Amphibious Vehicle


RufDiamond is proud to announce the launch of our brand new product, the FAT TRUCK. All seasons, All terrains. FAT TRUCK will bring 8 people on site.RufDiamond Fat Trucks can easily climb out of water onto ice, even when carrying a load of up to 500kg.

source/image(PrtSc): RufDiamondLTD.

With the ability to climb 35° angles, The RufDiamond Fat Truck can easily overcome heights, hillocks and mounds, on any type of terrain.

RufDiamond Fat Trucks run on diesel and have a fuel tank volume of 56 litres. Average fuel consumption is only 2-3 litres per hour, on any type of terrain. The highest degree of fuel consumption is experienced when moving by water.


With a team of engineers and fabricators waiting for your requests, the RufDiamond Fat Truck is the most adaptable and capable vehicle of its kind. Video below by FAT TRUCK.

Equipped qui hot sticks racks, capstan roller and the Fat Truck Amphibious trailer, this vehicle was outfitted for fleets and Utilities!