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FIAT Ducato RV Autocruis 4WD VAN


Fiat Ducato has been produced in the current body for 13 years, but is not going to lose ground: it’s time for another upgrade. Externally, the Ducato with the prefix 2020 has not changed much, but it has received updated engines, driver assistants, and a full-fledged “automatic”. And I appreciated all this in the vicinity of Turin.

source/image: 4You AutoManija

It seems that the Italians are confident that they produce the best commercial vehicles that do not need global changes! After all, quite recently here, in Turin, I got acquainted with the updated IVECO Daily, whose external changes were reduced only to a different bumper design – and this is after five years on the assembly line.

The Fiat Ducato car is equipped with the following types of drive: Front (FF), Full (4WD). Let’s figure out which type of drive is best for a car. There are only three types of drive. Front wheel drive (FF) – when the torque from the engine is transmitted only to the front wheels.


Four-wheel drive (4WD) – when the moment is distributed to the wheels and the front and rear axles. As well as Rear (FR) drive, in his case, all the power of the motor is completely given to the two rear wheels. Front-wheel drive is more “safe”, front-wheel drive cars are easier to handle and more predictable in motion, even a beginner can handle them.

SOURCE4You AutoManija
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