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Fiatagri 88-94 DT Tractor With Custom Hydraulic Extra Wheels


At first glance, the custom made Fiatagri 88-94 DT might resemble a regular tractor. However, whenever needed to fly above the crops, that is when this tractor demonstrates its hidden capabilities.

source/image(PrtSc): Gabry982

This custom made tractor is fitted with custom hydraulics and ekstra four wheels elevating it five feet in the air offering enough clearance for it to rise above tall corns. With its slick transformation at the push of a button, the custom tractor is the optimus prime of the agricultural machinery.Watch the video from Gabry982:

In today’s video we see a first test of this Fiatagri 88-94 DT modified to be able to pull the sprinkler jet even on tall corn without damaging the plants and without leaving the unseed “tracks” in the field.


There is not much info about this custom made tractor but for sure it looks cool.Before you get any commuting ideas, this tractor is not for sale. Instead, it is a one-of-a-kind custom made vehicle,but this unique custom job could be the ultimate vehicle for the darmers who doesn’t have time to waste.