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Fire Breathing Draco Turboprop Airplane/Bush Airplane

A bush airplane is a general aviation aircraft used to provide both scheduled and unscheduled passenger and flight services to remote, undeveloped areas.They are used where ground transportation infrastructure is inadequate or does not exist.

source/image(PrtSc): Trent Palmer

This plane is a highly modified PZL-104MA Wilga fitted with a turboprop engine, enlarged control surfaces and massive bush tires.Hang a Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop on a Wilga, and you have one head-turning, fire-breathing beast with an insane climb rate and amazing short field take-offs and landings.

Before its conversion, the Wilga took off in 400 feet, landed in 280 feet, and stalled at 92km/h. Like most bush planes, it wasn’t optimized for high-altitude flying.


But DRACO can fly high. The engine has also been upgraded to a PT6 turboprop with a 102″ 4-blade prop. This thing can even reverse its pitch to act as a break on landing. DRACO will climb at 4,000 feet-per-minute and cruise at 290km/h at 16,000 feet.