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First Flight Of A RC Prototype Go Go Bird EAGLE Ornithopter


Our first flight of the prototype Go Go Bird EAGLE radio controlled Ornithopter. It arrived in its own protective carry case with everything you need to fly it including the transmitter, 2 flight batteries and charger.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

You just need to put 2 AAAs into the transmitter. Very easy to assemble and the instructions are very clear. Charge time for each battery was about 45 minutes…and we got a long flight time of about 15-20 minutes with each battery.

The Go Go Bird EAGLE does have a distinctive flying style. Turning at low power results in much tighter turns than at full power.


In a 5-10 mph wind the Eagle is flyable but care must be taken not to go too far downwind as flying back can take a long time by climb and then a gliding descent to make headway.


  • Net.Weight ~155g (Lithium battery included)
  • Product Size: 615mm * 440mm (Wingspan * Body length)
  • Package Size: 357mm*341mm*128mm
  • Material: EPP/Polyester/Plastic
  • Recommended Flight Altitude less than 40 meters/131 feet
  • Remote Control Range 500 meters (Within eyesight recommended)
  • Application Outdoor, not recommend to use when wind speed greater than level 4
  • Flight Duration: 12~15 minutes
    Charging Time: 45~60 minutes