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Five-Wheel 5×5 Vervaet Hydro Trike Agricultural Machine


Vervaet is currently testing a five-wheel version of its popular Hydro Trike. This new option, which will be available for 2021, uses an updated drivetrain along with other improvements. This new five-wheel drive will be especially beneficial when working on hilly terrain.

source/image: Trekkerweb.nl

The 5×5 trike uses 530hp Paccar engine and features extending driven axles that offer 135hp when out wide to help the machine glide along in sticky soils and aid stability when working on sloped ground.The extra power is provided hydraulically by a 175-litre/min pump, with axles pushed out when in the field giving a full width of 4.5m.

From a distance, the new machine doesn’t look much different from the other Vervaet Hydro Trike, with the same striking lines and innovative features, but drivers of current machines will notice several changes.The most important new features are the option of driven center wheels and a completely renewed drivetrain.


This includes fully electronic traction control, an electronically controlled power distributor between the front-wheel drive and rear axle and larger diameter hydraulic lines. The center axle has also been modified with a new stabilization and suspension system for better driver comfort.