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Flat Head V8 Running Miniature Model Engine – Block is Only 7″ Long!

This is a working model of a Flat Head V8. The engine overall length is only 15 inches. The block measures only 7 inches. The Engine is 10 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches wide. This engine is hand machined by a master machinist.

source/image: Ministeam

This 1:4 scaled Challenger V8 displaces an entire 100cc. It might be small, however, all of the needed parts that make an engine are there.The amount of determination and patience that went into this scaled-down flathead V8 must be insane.

The engine burns gasoline or methanol (methyl alcohol) on dual electronic spark ignition and incorporates a two-stage pressurized dry-sump lubrication system.You can see and hear video of it running.


This flathead challenger V8 resembles a Ford, however, its exhaust and intake ports are situated on top like an old-school Cadillac or Cord L-head V8.

Engine Specifications:

  • Long – 15 inches including radiator.
  • Tall – 10 inches
  • Wide – 7 1/2 inches
  • Block 7 inches
  • Fuel – 89 Octane unleaded
  • Oil – Mobile 1 10W-30
  • Pressure oil pump
  • Pressurized water pump
  • Fully lubricated cam drive gear
  • Direct drive
  • 4 Cycle – Water Cooled
  • Naturally aspirated – No supercharger
  • Spark ignition – 1 plug per cylinder
  • CDI electronic ignition with distributor