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Tiny Toyota Truck Camper With Room To Sleep a Family Of 4 Comfortably!

From the outside, this tiny truck camper might not look like much. But inside their is plenty of room to fit a family of 4. This is the Registro camper designed to match up with a Toyota Pixis truck. The truck is about the same size as a Prius, but this little camper has much more space that you might imagine.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

Inside it has a petite, L-shaped seating area that folds out into a massive bed. Additionally, there is a fold-out mattress above that can comfortably sleep two people.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

It also features a mini kitchenette with a sink and ample cabinet space.This is the smallest available Campervan. It is most suitable for single travelers or couples on a lower budget.While it is by no means large, it makes excellent use of its space.


And while not a Winnebago, it would be an excellent alternative to some of the overpriced RVs we get in the States.Micro campers like this are very popular Japan. No wonder – this Campervan fits where nothing else would.

​Built-in winter parking,heater allows cheap and comfortable all year round camping. You can park this van on any parking lot.These are based on the chassis or body of the Kei-Truck and are both very small and quite cheap.