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Fleetwood Scorpion Tent Trailer/Toy Hauler On Steroids


This RV combines light weight with practicality. Hot & cold running water, stove microwave and refrigerator… and bathroom with shower! Next time you take the toys to sand you don’t have to rough it!

source/image(PrtSc): Gib’s RV Virtual Tours

The Fleetwood Scorpion has everything including A/C. Pop up style camper allows for light weight towing. The deck can be loaded from the side or the rear and measure 105″x99″ That’s just over 8ft by 8ft. Watch the video from Gib’s RV Virtual Tours for full tour.

The Scorpion opens out on the sides, leaving the toy hauler space open to leave your vehicles or use as a patio. In fact, the brochure for the Scorpion shows an entire enclosed screen room that adds to the size of your camper.


The hitch side of the trailer has additional storage space for tons of propane or even a dirt bike.When it’s all packed up, you can still access the fridge to get a cold drink or fill it with supplies without deploying in the garage./Gib’s RV Virtual Tours

VIAGib's RV Virtual Tours
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