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Flight Attendant’s $7k Camper Van Build


A camper van is a van converted into a camper. DIY camper van conversions are difficult, and they can be quite expensive. But many people have been able to renovate their vans with little to no experience. If you just take things one step at a time, it’s manageable.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

There are many considerations to bear in mind before you commit to a converting a campervan, from the van that you should use as your base vehicle to how much it might cost youThis 1999 Chevy Express was transformed into an adorable home on wheels by the full-time flight attendant, Samantha.

Being based in New York while constantly traveling for work meant spending tons of money on rent each month, only to be living someplace else the majority of the time.


Tiny living has helped Samantha save money while inspiring her to live a minimalistic lifestyle filled with experiences instead of things./Tiny Home Tours