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Folding Urban E-Motorcycle With Massive Range COLIBRI M22


The power outage days are over. Introducing Colibri M22. The first of its kind, electric urban moto — with up to 3 modular batteries, 200 km on a single charge and folding capacity.With up to 200 km on just a single charge, Colibri takes you further and makes your adventure a breeze. Imagine traveling from Antwerp to Amsterdam or from London to Brighton and back, all electric, one charge needed.

source/image: Colibri

It is equipped with rear view mirrors, indicator lights, reflectors, fenders, license plate carrier, a powerful horn and a digital display.Like all good things it starts with a solid base. The secret is in the chromoly frame which is built around the batteries to ensure capacity first.

Colibri is a combination of simplicity and cutting-edge technology. M22 has a simple yet bold design, created and manufactured in Europe.Perfect when navigating crowded roads and speed is not your top priority. It offers you the best range and a top speed of 32km/h, 20mph.


Because it combines the best of a moped with the best of an e-motorcycle, it is incredibly light (79 kg) and agile. This makes it very easy to own so you can ride everywhere!The 3000 Watt hub motor delivers amazing acceleration. It’s truly fantastic to ride! Nothing can stop you if you want to explore new places. Colibri is weather proof so take it on any adventure on or off-road. If there is no path, make your own./source