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Floating Shipping Container Housing for Students


Urban Rigger is built from shipping containers and designed to float in the city’s canals. Urban Rigger houses 12 students, who have their own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

source/image(PrtSc): Urban Rigger

But also have access to a 160-square-meter common green courtyard, kayak landing, bathing platform, barbecue area, and 65-square-meter communal roof terrace. Watch the video from Urban Rigger for more info:

Below sea level is a large 220 m2 basement with a common area, washing facilities and individual lockers for each apartment.


Happy students are living onboard Urban Rigger No. 1 today. The next 5 Urban Riggers will arrive by late Summer of 2019 – ready for 60 new students to move in.Urban Rigger