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Flowcopter FC100 Heavy-Lift Utility UAV


Enabling long range, heavy payload logistics today. Providing a robust platform for humanitarian and environmental applications, capable of working in the most extreme conditions. Flowcopter was born out of the need for robust, heavy payload platforms with long endurance, in markets traditionally requiring helicopters such as offshore logistics and humanitarian aid.

source.image: Flowcopter

Current battery-electric drones, with their short range and motors sensitive to extreme environments, cannot yet meet this need. The FC100 heavy lift utility UAV from Flowcopter uses a lightweight hydraulic drive train to deliver a new class of aircraft, and is capable of moving 100kg of cargo for a 200 km round trip.

The Flowcopter concept is a completely new class of aircraft. Designed to be compatible with industry standards, this high capability platform offers the ability to bring together proven but advanced technologies from across multiple industrial sectors, carrying them further for longer.


Flowcopter’s uUAS is a completely new class of aircraft using robust, low-cost hydraulic drive to control the propellers at a fraction of the weight of a comparable electric system. This is enabled by an efficient, fast control response Digital Displacement pump driving hydraulic motors.

Early adopters of the Flowcopter drone will be operators in sectors such as agriculture, offshore wind and search & rescue operations. The FC100 has attracted significant interest from various sectors.