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Porsche’s 911 GTS New Hybrid Engine Formula 1 Tech


The Porsche 911 GTS has a new hybrid powertrain, and it’ll convince you to go hybrid over the GTS’ previous 3.0L twin-turbo engine. The benefits are extraordinary, with more torque, a wider torque curve, more horsepower, and better response in all driving situations.

source.image: Engineering Explained

Not only does electrification mean more immediate torque, but an electric turbocharger also means boost arrives much more quickly. We’ll compare the new 3.6L boxer six-cylinder engine to the previous 3.0L, and also discuss how Porsche achieved Lambda = 1 in a modern performance engine, an impressive achievement!

y itself, the new boxer engine develops 357 kW (478 hp) and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. The total system power is 398 kW (532 hp) and 449 lb.-ft. The power increase compared to the previous 911 Carrera GTS models is 45 kW (59 hp). The high-voltage system also powers the air conditioning compressor electrically, eliminating the need for a belt drive and making the engine more compact and efficient.


Located between the windshield and the frunk, the battery has a tiny capacity of just 1.9 kWh, making it around 50 times smaller than that of the all-electric Porsche Macan. The battery powers two motors; one produces 55 horsepower and is housed inside the eight-speed PDK transmission, while the other serves up 14 hp and drives the turbocharger.