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Free Energy With AC Motor And Car Alternator


In this new video we want to share with all of you a new way to generate FREE ELECTRICITY. With a CAR ALTERNATOR we have built this high efficiency brushless generator that is capable of generating a power of 10,000 watts of peak.

source/image(PrtSc): Hidden Technology

And a voltage of 220 volts of Alternating Current. It is much more than enough to generate electricity for an entire home We hope you like this video.

We have a motor which has a shaft connected to a fan on one side and a generator on the other. Wires from the generator are brought to the motor and the electricity from the generator is used to power the motor.


In the second video people respondet in comments of Hidden Technology videos on oyutube that you can’t get energy from nothing. They said “Here you are not generating energy from nothing. That is impossible.

Video 2: Is Free Energy Possible? We put this infinite energy engine to test.

Here we use the energy that has always existed in the universe. Magnetism. The magnetic energy is transformed into mechanical energy. And the mechanical energy, through the alternator, is converted back into electrical energy with very high efficiency. In this way we obtain unlimited and free energy.Hidden Technology