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Fresnel Lens And Solar Panel 300% More Power Experiment


This video shows how combining a small ‘fresnel lens’ with a solar panel increases the power output of the panel up to 300% or more. the experiments: to start, i took power readings (volts and amps) with the solar panel in regular or unamplified sunlight.

source/image(PrtSc): desertsun02

Then i simply aligned and focused the sunlight through the lens and onto the solar panel so the light passing thru the lens squarely landed on the face of the panel. Then i took a second set of power readings. The voltage went up slightly but the amps or current output went up 3x or 300%. the combination works great to draw extra power out of solar panels.

This video shows one way you can utilize the technology at home for extra power output without the extra expense of adding additional panels.Add a mount and sun-tracker and you’ve got a completely automated unit.


CSP or ‘concentrated solar power’ is often thought of as mirrors concentrating sunlight onto liquid filled pipes but ive seen some systems lately that are using fresnel lens with solar panels – these systems are starting to become more common.

VIA desertsun02
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