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Hybrid Solar Technology Make Electricity And Heat With One Device


Regarding PV Cell Efficiency at High Temperatures, Nicholas Simmons from Naked Energy has this to say: “PV cells regularly get to very high temperatures. If you return to your car on a hot summers day you know how hot it can be.A conventional PV module traps the cells behind glass and lets them bake in the sun.

source/image(PrtSc): Tyler Disney

When a solar panel is made the temperatures used in the lamination process go up to something like 150C. As mentioned the efficiency of a solar cell drops off as temperature rises – this is known as the temperature coefficient and is published on the data sheets that go with PV modules.”I made this animation showing how Naked Energy’s hybrid solar technology works.”/via/read more: Tyler Disney

A conventional solar module has no way of losing heat other than through convection, but at the height of summer with no breeze and high ambient temperatures there is very little cooling going on. There is a lot of academic research out there discussing this.


The virtuPVT heat exchanger as described in the video is constantly taking heat away to be used for other heating / hot water / process heat. Consequently a virtuPVT collector can actually be cooler than a normal PV module under the same circumstances./via/read more: Tyler Disney

VIA Tyler Disney
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