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From City Stress To Van Life Their DIY Tiny Home


Step into the world of van life adventures with JK and Kim as they take you on a tour of their cherished Pineapple Princess, a meticulously customized 2019 Ford Transit van.: As you explore their kitchen, you’ll be greeted by unique, folk art-style drawers, creatively crafted for functional storage. Here, you have a butane single burner and a two-burner camp stove, perfect for your culinary adventures on the road.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Their refrigerator, a Whitener 1.48 cubic foot model, is organized with containers for efficiency, complemented by an Adventure Wagon mule bag pantry storing all your essential food items. Under your bed lies an electrical system designed by Sota Solar, powering everything including a 12V AC unit and a Max Air fan. Above, find clothing storage personalized for both JK and Kim. Their Pineapple Princess theme is subtly woven throughout the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The van, acquired as a third-generation conversion for about $73,000, has undergone extensive modifications, with the total investment nearing $100,000. These enhancements include an advanced electrical system, a 12V AC unit, and solar panels, reflecting their dedication to a comfortable and sustainable van life.


The van also incorporates a dend dry anti-mold material, ensuring a fresh and healthy environment. The rear features a modified refrigerator slide doubling as a dirty clothes box and additional water storage, demonstrating their ingenuity in maximizing space and functionality.