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Fuel Injection Cleaning Directly Without Disassembling


This is the easiest way of HOW TO clean injection Directly without disassembling of any carHalf of carb cleaner can can give you best results, and if you of you do it with the whole can, even better.

source/image(PrtSc): AliMECH

In this video, i will show you Fuel Injection cleaning in less than 5 Minutes , how to Clean the fuel injection of any car in less than 5 minutes Directly without disassembling any injections.Watch the video from AliMECH for more info:

It will be direct injection cleaning by connecting carb cleaner can to injector rail, and staring up the engine BUT keep in mind to remove the fuel pump fuse or the fuel pump harness, like i did.


Because we don’t need fuel pump to push gasoline, the fuel line is disconnected, carb cleaner can connected instead with an adapter.Disclaimer: This is done by a professional don’t try this at home.

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