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Fully Electric SUV Nissan Arizon Concept


In an electrifying revelation at Auto Shanghai 2023, Nissan unveils the globally anticipated Arizon Concept, a fully electric SUV masterpiece.Born from the brilliant minds of a Chinese team and fortified with Nissan’s international E V prowess, the Arizon embodies the quintessential “multifunctional partner” for the drivers of China.

source/image(PrtSc): DPCcars

Catering to the eclectic mobility requirements of consumers in the world’s most colossal automobile market, the Nissan Arizon is constructed on the trailblazing C M F E V platform.The Arizon Concept combines a commanding exterior presence with an interior that exudes human-centric technological innovation.

The exterior of the Nissan Arizon exudes strength and character, featuring robust front and rear facades with understated coast-to-coast illumination, a unique rear pillar formation, an upright rear window, inconspicuous door handles, and sizable wheels encased in off-road-style arches.


Despite Nissan’s claims of a low center of gravity, discerning such attribute from the provided images proves challenging.Though specifically designed for the Chinese market, Nissan remains tight-lipped on whether the Arizon Concept foreshadows an upcoming production model.

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