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Futuristic Flying Glass Yacht The Icon


We got to drive BMW and TYDE’s brand-new futuristic flying yacht ‘The Icon’! It’s one of the most futuristic boats ever made with an interior that’s taken straight from a VIP lounge.

source.image: Supercar Blondie

Best of all, it can literally fly above the water when it reaches 18 knots! It even features sound design from legendary composer Hans Zimmer, to go with the extremely smooth ride as you fly across the sea. It’s the definition of a luxury watercraft and we had a lot of fun taking it for a spin! Watch the video from Supercar Blondie for more info:

With a length of 13.15 meters and a top speed of 30 knots, THE ICON claims to be “the pioneer of a new type of watercraft with battery-electric propulsion”. Two 100 kW electric motors from Torqeedo’s Deep Blue series convert the energy content of 240 kWh from six batteries into a range of over 50 nautical miles (100 kilometers) at a speed of 24 knots.


At 18 knots, the Icon lifts out of the water onto its foils and literally takes flight. Inside, the glass roof and floor-to-ceiling panes provide a fish-tank effect and offer guests panoramic views. Eliminating side decks often used in conventional marine design means that from inside the vessel, the water feels almost palpable.