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Futuristic Lazareth LT410 3 Wheeled Tilting Motorcycle


The Lazareth LT 410 is a 3 wheeled tilting motorcycle, powered by a 1000cc engine producing 200 horse power. She angles thanks to a specific kinematics design with independent suspensions. Limited series – 10 numbered machines.

source/image(PrtSc): Lazareth Auto-Moto

Brakes are provided by two 8-piston calipers on 420mm diameter perimeter discs.A detail, the brake levers are reversed to improve ergonomics and braking precision. The mechanism is found right inside the handlebar.There is not much info about this motorcycle.

The concept, inspired by the first model of LM847, takes the visual signature of the latter. We find a common DNA on the side of the cladding and the Italian back loop or covers carbon wheels.


Lazareth, manufacturer of exceptional vehicles since 1998. Labeled “Living Heritage Company” by the State, represented by the Minister of Industry and the Higher Institute of Trades./Lazareth Auto-Moto

VIALazareth Auto-Moto
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