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Futuristic XENOS 39 Meter Hyperyacht Concept


Xenos created by Pierpaolo Lazzarini is a 39 meters (130 ft) superyacht made by aluminium and carbon conceived, is designed for comfortable high speed cruises. Depending the seas, Xenos can offer differen sailing solution,with convential hull or foil set up.

source/image(PrtSC): Lazzarini Design

Equipped with twin, triple or quadruple engine set ups CAT 3650 bhp each, with horsepower range from 7300 bhp to 15000 bhp Jet drive.

The Xenos will reach a top speed of 90 knots by setting the record of the most fastest 130 ft yacht in the world.Photochromic windows that change transparency depending the intensity of light, are displaced all along the yacht.


On the stern part of the Hyperyacht version, watertoys and a tender can be enclosed on a trunk, otherwise a special adjustable bridge can easily land your Bugatti on the pier.via/read more: lazzarinidesignstudio

On the Seajet Piercer version over 180 passenger seats can be placed on board, with Boeing different classes style, the rear part of the yacht is converted as reception/desk entrance for the passengers access to lower level.