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GAC Van Life Concept Autonomous All-Terrain And Futuristicc EV Camper


GAC Van Life, GAC Car Culture Series 2 (#carcultureseries), is born from the idea of creating a vehicle that allows people to travel long distances and go wherever they want, providing a complete freedom. VAN LIFE focuses on using and reusing existing features, reducing the carbon footprint and waste.

source.image: GAC Design

It incorporates a new generation solid-state battery, which is safer, more efficient, longer-lasting, and more environmentally friendly than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Most parts of the car are made from recycled waste materials such as plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber, making it lightweight, range-efficient.

source.image: GAC Design

The interior design embodies the orbital frame concept with a structure that surrounds the cabin and enables easy attachment and detachment of various items. From basic features like bags and smartphones to customized elements like trays and a hammock, anything can be easily plugged or attached.

source.image: GAC Design

The cabin is versatile and allows for sleeping arrangements on long journeys. On the side of the car, benches can be fold out and slide out of the car to allow the users to share moments outside and enjoy the surrounding landscape with their family and friends. Additionally, the car also features universal magsafe technology that allows passengers to charge their personal devices while using them.


The Orbital Frame features modular equipment that can be installed at the front of the structure where they are exposed to the sunlight. This natural energy can then be transformed into electric power or used to warm water, making the car even more environmentally friendly.

The car’s unique wheel tread system allows it to maintain traction on various terrains, such as mud, sand, and rocky surfaces. The AD navigation system takes over the driving, even in roadless, remote locations, using the position of the stars in the sky to find its way in case there is no network.

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