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Gasoline Particulate Filters Working Principle 3D Animation


Gasoline particulate filters (GPFs) are very effective in enabling gasoline-powered vehicles to operate with very low particulate emission levels. Gasoline particulate filters (GPF) are an emission aftertreatment technology based on diesel particulate filters (DPF), developed to control particulate emissions from gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines.

source/image(PrtSc): Lubrizol Additives 360

Over the past few decades the combustion technology in passenger cars has evolved from carburettors to port fuel injection and more recently direct injection in the unrelenting drive for efficiency gasoline engines are increasingly turning to direct injection for greater performance but one consequence of this injection strategy is a greater production of soot during combustion particulates in the air are a pollutant and significant health concern legislation has tightened drastically since the early 1990s with the current euro 6 legislation set at 0.5 grams per kilometer.

For gdi passenger cars for a gdi engine to operate within the full euro 6 limit for particulates gasoline particulate filters have bee added to most vehicles. A gasoline particulate filter directs exhaust gas to flow into alternating channels in a honeycomb filter the exhaust gas passes through a porous substrate that has been manufactured with a catalytic coating due to the elevated temperatures created by tgdi engines and the effective catalyst coating the exhaust gas is able to constantly burn away captured sub-particulates.


Yo prevent the filter from becoming blocked during normal engine operation it iscommon for a small quantity of oil to beconsumedolder and more worn engines tend to consume more oilwhen burned oils that are formulated using higher levels of sulfated ash phosphorus and sulfur produce high levels of ash deposits this becomes caught in the gpf and cannot be burnt away progressively blocking the filter oils that are formulated with reduced saps and gpf compatible additive chemistry produce less ash when burnt maintaining the gpf performance over the entire lifetime of the vehicle.via/read more: Lubrizol Additives 360

VIA Lubrizol Additives 360
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