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Monarch I World’s First Fully Electric Smart Tractor


Introducing Monarch, the world’s first fully electric, driver optional, smart tractor.The first 100% electric compact tractor of its kind; Monarch delivers robust performance while producing zero tailpipe emissions.Utilizing sustainable technology to make farms more profitable.

source/image(PrtSc): MonarchTractor

The Monarch tractor platform combines powerful tools, automated operations, driver optional modes, and data analytics with the strength and power only possible with an all-electric platform.

Monarch features mechanization, automation, and data analysis to put power back in farmers’ hands, increasing labor productivity and maximizing yields. This triple threat will cut your overhead and your emissions.Monarch is packed with safety features to keep your operations running smoothly and employees safe, day or night.


Artificial intelligence, roll and collision prevention, 360° cameras and a full sensor suite give Monarch the safest operation with or without a driver.Monarch drivetrain is capable of providing 40HP (30KW) of continuous power and short duration peak power up to 70HP (55KW) in a small footprint for multipurpose usage.The power can be allocated entirely to the drive system./monarchtractor