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Gearless Magnet Transmission Flux Modulation Model


Contactless, gearless, silent, lubrication-free axial-flux magnetic gearbox-transmission through permanent magnets(PM).

source.image: Retsetman

This is actually very similar to axial flux motors, except that there is a flux modulator between the permanent magnet rotors, and that creates a gear ratio between them.Watch the video from Retsetman:

Unlike my previous radial-flux magnetic gearbox, in this axial-flux gearless magnetic gearbox, the interaction of permanent magnets takes place in an axial parallel way, not in the radial direction.


And the main reason for designing this axial flux version was the thought that I could achieve tighter tolerances with 3D printed parts than the radial one, so by modifying the modulator or reducing the air gap between the magnets, I was able to significantly increase the torque capacity of this axial flux contactless magnetic gearbox.