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PODX GO Self-unfolding Tiny House


Utilizing cutting-edge hydraulic technology, our innovative Edge ONE system allows for the effortless unfolding of your entire home with a simple push of a button. Say goodbye to the need for construction teams and time-consuming setups. Watch the video now to witness the remarkable simplicity of the Grande S1 in action.

source.image: PODX GO Tiny Home

Towable with F250 or equivalent Assemble on-site in 15 minutes with DIY.Allow you to move virtually anywhere that’s permissible by zoning regulations.Spaces to Live, Work and Relax, fully furnished and air conditioned home.Completed interior design with healthy materials.

Thanks to our ingenious designers, every inch of available space has been maximized through the use of multi-functional furniture and ingenious storage solutions.


PODX GO has partnered with Renogy solar panel systems, empowering users to live off the grid or reduce electricity bills with energy storage options ranging from 5kWh to 40kWh.The tiny housing industry can benefit from exploring new folding designs that increase portability and make tiny homes more accessible for those who love to travel.